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I have lived in the Forney community since 2006. My husband and I have 4 beautiful children and 2 Great Danes.  I was in accounting for 25 years before becoming an ISR Instructor. My family was first introduced to Infant Swimming Resource by a friend when my youngest was not even a year old.  We immediately decided to sign him up because we have a pool in the backyard and he had 3 much older siblings.  I knew it wasn't a matter of what if the pool gate is accidentally left open, it was a matter of when.  I knew it would only take a second

for him to find his way to the pool.  We wanted him to have the Self-Rescue skills to get himself out of the pool.  Our first lesson was Spring of 2009 and I was in awe at what he was accomplishing.  He became skilled at the rollback to float that Summer.  The following Spring, we enrolled him again so he could learn the Swim-Float-Swim sequence.  It was during this session, I mentioned to my husband many times how I would love to teach these skills to children in our own community. During his lessons I was doing consultant work in Tyler for a fence company and one of the sales reps came in from measuring to install a pool fence visibly shaken.  He told us how the homeowner had just lost their precious baby in their own pool just 2 days prior. I called my husband on my way home and said I had to find a way to make this happen.  If I could make a difference for even one child, then there was no question, I was going to bring this to our Forney community.  I went through ISR's rigorous training  in 2010 and began teaching that same summer.   

ISR instructors are the most highly trained and qualified of any swimming program in the country. The certification process involves 6 weeks of intensive training, with a minimum of 60 hours of supervised in-water training with actual students. The training also includes education and testing in subjects such as anatomy, child psychology, physiology and behavioral science. As a certified instructor, I must undergo annual reviews and re-certification to ensure skills and techniques continue to meet the highest ISR standards. I am also certified in Adult/Pediatric CPR and First Aid.

With the training I received from ISR, I can make a difference in the lives and survival of our most precious treasure, our children. I hope to spread the word of ISR to make a difference in the families of our local community. I am completely committed to do all I can to keep children safe in and around the water. I look forward to working with you and your child as they become amazing aquatic problem solvers.


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